There are a number of scientific awards conferred at the conference to papers and posters in several categories. All papers and posters presented at the conference are peer reviewed by the scientific committee against the criteria set for each award and the winners are announced during the closing session of the conference.

At the annual conference the following awards will be presented.  The recipients will be selected from among relevant oral and poster presentations delivered at the conference

  • People’s choice ‘best paper’ as voted by the delegates
  • Best Research Presentation – 1st
  • Best Research Presentation – 2nd
  • Best Novice Research Presentation – 1st
  • Best Novice Research Presentation – 2nd
  • Best Research Study poster – 1st
  • Best Research Study poster – 2nd
  • Best Novice Research Study Poster – 1st
  • Best Novice Research Study Poster – 2nd

Emergency Care Institute Evidence into Practice Research Paper

A ‘best evidence into practice’ award will be provided by the NSW Emergency Care Institute. This award is for oral presentations only.

To check out previous prize winners CLICK HERE.

Award:  Cash prize of $1000

The criteria to be eligible for this award is:

  • Is the paper related to closing an important gap between the best available evidence and current clinical practice?
  • Does the paper mention results of the practice change and how these were achieved or not?
  • Does the paper mention barriers or enablers in implementing the practice change?
  • Was implementation theory applied in the change process?

If you believe your submission meets these criteria please indicate this during the submission process.


CENA is keen to recognise the great work of colleagues and therefore has established a number of annual awards to acknowledge those nurses and teams that are making a notable contribution to emergency care.

At the annual conference the following awards are due to be presented:

CENA Emergency Department of the Year

Emergency Departments are busy and dynamic places to work. There are emergency department teams across Australia which have made substantial improvement to their service, have endured considerable challenge, implemented innovative solutions to problems and contribute to emergency care as leaders. If you think that your emergency department team is a team such as this then nominate them for the CENA Australasian Emergency Department of the Year Award.

CENA Emergency Nurse of the Year

There are many emergency nurses who work tirelessly providing high standards of care, advocating for their patients, educating their colleagues, contributing to the evidence base and promoting the specialty. This award is designed to recognise those nurses. You are all encouraged to nominate an emergency nurse that you consider is exceptional for the CENA Australasian Emergency Nurse of the Year Award.

Indigenous Emergency Nurses Scholarship

The purpose of the Indigenous Emergency Nurses Scholarship is to encourage and support Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori emergency nurses undertaking postgraduate education relevant to emergency nursing.

Innovation in Emergency Care Grant

The purpose of the Innovation in Emergency Care Grant is to foster and support innovative approaches to an existing problem or issue with the focus of improving patient-centred emergency care, enhancing safety and/or patient experience.

Elaine Killeen Continuing Professional Development Scholarships

The Elaine Killeen Continuing Professional Development Scholarship is the first memorial scholarship by the College in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by Elaine Killeen to emergency nursing education.  The purpose of the Elaine Killeen Continuing Professional Development Scholarship is to provide funds to those Members and Fellows of the College to support their continuing professional development (CPD) as an Emergency Nurse.

Philippa Moore Publication Prize

The Philippa Moore Publication Prize was established by the Emergency Nurses Association of Victoria to honour a highly respected colleague who made a substantial contribution to emergency nursing in Victoria. She was an active member of the Emergency Nurses’ Special Interest Group and the Emergency Nurses Association of Victoria, a positive mentor, a motivated teacher and highly committed to advancing the speciality of emergency nursing. Sadly, Philippa died in 2003 after a short illness.

CENA recognises the importance of publication to the practice and scholarship of emergency nursing and continues this legacy to an advocate for emergency nursing. The CENA Philippa Moore Publication Prize is an award of up to $500 designed to reward and encourage CENA members to publish articles that are relevant to emergency nursing.